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One of the most ornamental of the evergreen shrubs. It has deep green leaves made up of 7 to 19 leaflets.

Manna Tree

A pretty round topped tree which in late spring has a profusion of scented off white flowers. The leaves turn dark deep purple-red in autumn.


A highly ornamental tree, grown for it's odd fruit since Roman times. Large hairy leaves and large white flower in late spring. Some autumn colour. Fruit needs to be 'bletted' before eating.

Midland Hawthorn

Small dense, thorny, deciduous tree, flowering in spring and berrying in autumn. The pink or white flowers are pollinated by midges. Related to Common Hawthorn but with less deeply lobed leaves.
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Milkflower Cotoneaster

A medium sized evergreen shrub with large oval leathery leaves which are grey-woolly beneath. The flowers are milky white and followed by large clusters of small red berries which last well into mid...
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Mountain Ash / Rowan

A small tree with 11 to 19 sharp toothed leaflets per leaf. Their colourful bright red fruits form dense bunches in late summer. It is highly tolerant of extreme acidity and easy to grow.

Mountain Gum

A very attractive fast growing medium sized tree which is extremely hardy. It has a handsome patchwork bark that becomes white with age. In young specimens the leaves can be a bronzy colour.
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Myrtle Beech

An evergreen tree from Tasmania that needs to grow in areas with relatively mild winters but it can stand coastal areas well. It has tiny leaves which are bright, mid green and triangular. The fruits...
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New Zealand Cabbage Tree

A small evergreen tree with a single trunk topped with a dense mass of long sword like leaves. It produces small creamy white flowers in large terminal panicles in early summer. A very striking plant...
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New Zealand Cabbage Tree (purple leaved)

A purple leaved version of the New Zealand Cabbage Tree. Again this plant requires a sheltered situation and protection from severe frosts.
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