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Japanese Maple var. dissectum

The Japanese Maple is a small tree with delicate 5 or 7 lobed bright green leaves which turn a beautiful red colour in autumn.
from £3.50

Japanese Pagoda Tree

A medium sized round headed deciduous tree with large 30cm leaves made up of 9 to 15 leaflets. The creamy pea like flowers form in large terminal clusters in late summer and autumn.

Japanese Quince

A small, low growing, thorny shrub with bright orangey red flowers which appear in early spring. These develop into rounded yellow fruits in the autumn. This deciduous shrub has small oval mid green...

Japanese Rose

A graceful suckering shrub that produces rich butter yellow flowers in mid spring. Although it is deciduous its green stems provide winter colour.
from £1.99

Japanese Walnut

An impressive medium sized tree with incredible leaves that may be up to 1m long. It fruits with long pendulous strings of nuts. It can be tender to late frosts but its nut, known as the heart nut, is...
from £10.00

Japanese Witch Hazel

A yellow winter flowering deciduous shrub whose leaves turn a yellow-orange colour in late autumn. An ideal plant for use in Bonsai. They are also tolerant of chalky soils.
from £2.99

Japanese Zelkova

A medium sized graceful wide spreading tree with a round crown and smooth grey bark. The slender oval leaves are up to 12cm long and have slender pointed teeth. In autumn they turn a bronze red.
from £1.25

Judas Tree

A medium sized tree or large shrub which becomes wreathed in lilac flowers in late spring even on the main trunk. These develop into purple tinted seed pods in autumn.

Katsura tree

Small deciduous tree with attractive heart shaped leaves, pink when new, fresh green sometimes tinged purple in summer and then bright yellows, oranges, reds and pinks in autumn. Autumn leaves have a...

Kentucky Coffeetree

A tree possibly left over from the dinosaur age. Open habit with robust branches and few twigs. New leaves open pinkish and are early to fall in the autumn. Pale green flowers in June give rise to...
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