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Italian Alder

A splendid medium sized conical tree, with bright green glistening foliage preceded by yellow catkins that appear in the last throws of winter.


Common Ivy is adaptable and makes an excellent ground cover plant as well as being a good climber. Its evergreen leaves offer all year round green cover.

Japanese Barberry

A small deciduous shrub of an extremely compact nature. It's autumn colours are outstanding together with its bright red berries. Late in spring it bears pale yellow flowers tinged with red.
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Japanese Barberry (purple leaved)

A small deciduous, prickly shrub with a rich reddish purple foliage which grows more intense as the year progresses. It produces an outstandingly impressive low hedge.

Japanese Dogwood

This is an elegant , large deciduous shrub with abundant, white bract formed flowers. The leaves turn rich bronze in autumn and are accompanied by the small strawberry like fruits.
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Japanese Flowering Quince

A beautiful and early flowering ( February to June) shrub. Often used for Bonsai as its small flowers are shown off to marvellous effect.

Japanese Locust

These trees have a light canopy with pinnate leaves that emerge late in the spring and fall early making them an ideal canopy tree for a woodland garden. It is notably resistant to honey fungus and is...
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Japanese Maple

Noted for its beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange or yellow, Japanese Maple has lobed, deeply cut leaves. In the summer the leaves of this small tree are bright green.
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Japanese Maple (purple dissect leaved)

A slow growing small tree/shrub with broad arching habit (sometimes looks like a large purple mushroom). Very fine purple-bronze leaves colour to orange in autumn. Excellent in small gardens
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Japanese Maple (purple leaved)

This is the most popularly grown of the Japanese Maples and the leaves are a bronze-crimson colour throughout the summer before turning brilliant red in the autumn.
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