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Hollyberry Cotoneaster

One of the larger cotoneasters that is deciduous with corrugated leaves that colour richly in the autumn. The white flowers give rise to large red fruits in early autumn.

Honey Locust

An elegant large deciduous tree with frond like leaves that is also very tolerant of polluted atmospheres. Mature trees have impressive long brown seed pods in the autumn.

Honeysuckle / Woodbine

A vigorous medium sized climber. The flowers are up to 5cm long and fragrant, cream inside and purple / yellow on the outside. They flower from early summer through to early autumn and are followed by...
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Hop Hornbeam

A medium sized round headed tree with toothed leaves that turn yellow in autumn. The long catkins that appear in spring are impressively numerous and long. The fruits are up to 5cm long with the...


A medium sized tree with a grey fluted trunk and toothed green leaves that are an outstanding yellow colour in the autumn. The green catkins in spring give rise to the small winged nuts in the autumn.

Horse Chestnut

A beautiful large flowering tree. The white flowers with a yellow central blotch form stout pyramids which look highly attractive in their upright position. The seeds or conkers as they are known are...
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Indian Bean Tree

A medium sized deciduous tree from the eastern USA. Its leaves are up to 20 cm long and it has attractive white flowers with yellow and purple markings. The fruiting capsules are around 30cm long and...

Italian Alder

A splendid medium sized conical tree, with bright green glistening foliage preceded by yellow catkins that appear in the last throws of winter.


Common Ivy is adaptable and makes an excellent ground cover plant as well as being a good climber. Its evergreen leaves offer all year round green cover.

Japanese Barberry

A small deciduous shrub of an extremely compact nature. It's autumn colours are outstanding together with its bright red berries. Late in spring it bears pale yellow flowers tinged with red.
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