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Serbian Spruce

Serbian Spruce is a very adaptable spruce which quickly forms a tall slender tree with short drooping branches and dark green leaves.
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Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is probably one of the most important species of conifer from an economic viewpoint. It thrives on damp sites.
from £1.25

Stone Pine

This tree is exploited for its edible pine nut, it has a short trunk and umbrella liike growth habit giving mature trees a flat crown. It has attractive glaucous blue-green leaves in younger...
from £4.50

Swamp Cypress

The Swamp Cypress is an ideal deciduous conifer for wet soils. It is the dominant tree in the everglades of Florida, fading to a beautiful bronze and then brown in autumn.
from £4.50

Umbrella Pine

A curious conifer native to upland areas of two of the large Japanese islands. The needles are made up of two fused leaves and appear upside-down in that their shiny surface faces downwards.
from £2.50


A Californian giant, not as tall, but with a wider girth than the Californian Redwood. Young specimens are conical and densely branched producing a large elegant tree.
from £1.99

Western Hemlock

Western hemlock is a large fast growing tree with spreading branches. It produces an outstandingly beautiful single specimen tree with an elegant spire like crown. The leaves are marked with two white...
from £1.99

Western Red Cedar

A large fast growing tree with shredding bark and spreading branches. The leaves are bright glossy green forming an excellent hedge which clips well.
from £1.50

Western Yellow Pine

A large striking tree with a scaly cinnamon bark and drooping branches. Planted as an ornamental tree in large gardens as well as for timber production in its native western North America.
from £1.50

White / Weymouth Pine

Strobus is planted in gardens and parks as a specimen tree. It has very short dark green needles bearing slender brown cones up to 15cm long.
from £1.25
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