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Thuja occidentalis

This is an extremely hardy evergreen forming a medium sized columnar tree or hedge. It has spreading branches that curve upwards at the tip with dark green upper surface foliage; the lower surface...
from £1.50

Thuja orientalis

A small slow growing tree that is often grown as an ornamental. In its native China it is associated with long life and vitality - hence its name of Chinese Arborvitae or Tree of Life. Foliage fronds...

Thuja plicata

A large fast growing tree with shredding bark and spreading branches. The leaves are bright glossy green forming an excellent hedge which clips well.
from £1.50

Tsuga heterophylla

Western hemlock is a large fast growing tree with spreading branches. It produces an outstandingly beautiful single specimen tree with an elegant spire like crown. The leaves are marked with two white...
from £1.99
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