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Pinus strobus

Strobus is planted in gardens and parks as a specimen tree. It has very short dark green needles bearing slender brown cones up to 15cm long.
from £1.25

Pinus sylvestris

Scots Pine is the only pine native to Britain and is easily recognised by its attractive reddish bark. It has a conical growth habit when young and is popular for Bonsai production.
from £2.50

Pinus thunbergii

A distinctive, splendid large tree with twisted branches. It has rigid twisted needles up to 18cm long and is an important timber tree in its native Japan.

Pinus uncinata rotundata

Also known as Pinus mugo uncinata or P. mugo rotundata, some confusion exists about this Mountain Pine! Found infrequently on high wet moors and survives in frost pockets. Grows to a wide pyramid with...
from £1.50

Pseudotsuga menziesii / taxifolia

The king of the Pacific coast forests. It is a fast growing, large tree with down swept branches in mature specimens. An important import to Europe for timber production.
from £2.50

Sciadopitys verticillata

A curious conifer native to upland areas of two of the large Japanese islands. The needles are made up of two fused leaves and appear upside-down in that their shiny surface faces downwards.
from £2.50

Sequoia sempervirens

The Californian Redwood can reach over 100m tall in its native forests but mature specimens in gardens reach 30m. As well as being the worlds tallest it is also long lived with records of trees well...
from £1.50

Sequoiadendron giganteum

A Californian giant, not as tall, but with a wider girth than the Californian Redwood. Young specimens are conical and densely branched producing a large elegant tree.
from £2.50

Taxodium distichum

The Swamp Cypress is an ideal deciduous conifer for wet soils. It is the dominant tree in the everglades of Florida, fading to a beautiful bronze and then brown in autumn.
from £5.00

Taxus baccata

A small to medium sized tree with a bright red aril, which contrasts superbly with the dark green foliage. Yew is tolerant of most soils and is often found on chalk formations in the wild.
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