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Pinus palustris

Longleaf Pine is an evergreen tree with feathery needles which tend to be tufted at the branch tips. It does not develop a trunk for the first 5 years.
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Pinus parviflora

A small to medium sized tree, conical when young, becoming flat topped when mature. The curved 5cm long leaves are blue-green with blue-white inner surfaces.
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Pinus peuce

A particularly ornamental pine with horizontal branches at ground level which become vertical in the crown. It has a narrow pyramidical growth habit which suits it to confined spaces.
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Pinus pinaster (maritima)

This is a medium sized sparsely branched tree with an orange-brown bark. It is excellent on sandy soils and in seaside districts. Turpentine is produced from the resin.

Pinus pinea

This tree is exploited for its edible pine nut, it has a short trunk and umbrella liike growth habit giving mature trees a flat crown. It has attractive glaucous blue-green leaves in younger...
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Pinus ponderosa

A large striking tree with a scaly cinnamon bark and drooping branches. Planted as an ornamental tree in large gardens as well as for timber production in its native western North America.
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Pinus pumila

A beautiful low growing hardy shrub like tree native to north-east Asia including Japan. The female cones are purplish when young turning to a reddy brown at maturity.

Pinus radiata

Monterey Pine is the most widely planted pine in the world. It is extremely important for timber production.
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Pinus strobus

Strobus is planted in gardens and parks as a specimen tree. It has very short dark green needles bearing slender brown cones up to 15cm long.
from £1.25

Pinus sylvestris

Scots Pine is the only pine native to Britain and is easily recognised by its attractive reddish bark. It has a conical growth habit when young and is popular for Bonsai production.
from £2.50
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