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Pinus banksiana

This is an extremely hardy tree undervalued as a landscape tree. It is sometimes used for Christmas tree production in the USA.
from £1.25

Pinus cembra

A small slow growing tree with an almost columnar habit and purple / blue cones. The densely arranged dark blue green needles are blue-white on the inner surface. Resistant to white pine blister rust...
from £5.00

Pinus contorta

Lodgepole Pine is a medium sized tree with short branches and paired yellowish green leaves. The cones appear in clusters and the tree is often grown in coastal areas.
from £1.99

Pinus densiflora

This is a large tree with paired leaves that are up to 12cm long and twisted. It requires a lime free soil.

Pinus excelsa/wallichiana

The Bhutan Pine ia an elegant, large, broad headed tree with 20cm long drooping needles arranged in fives. The banana shaped cones are up to 25cm long.

Pinus jeffreyi

Jeffrey pine is an imposing tree with a conical crown and matt bluish green leaves that are up to 20cm long and spiny.
from £2.00

Pinus mugo mughus

A large shrub with dark green needles set in pairs, Mountain Pine succeeds on all soils including chalk and limestone.
from £1.25

Pinus mugo pumilio

A dwarf form of the Mountain Pine that often grows prostrate but can reach 2m in height.
from £1.50

Pinus mugo rostrata

A small dense bushy Mountain Pine, slow growing and suited to all soil conditions. It can be kept to as low as 1m high over 10 years.
from £1.99

Pinus muricata

A classic medium sized conifer with a dense flat head of branches. The cones can remain unopened on branches for up to 40 years.
from £1.99
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