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Picea breweriana

This is one the most beautiful of all the spruces. Graceful branchlets hang from long branches like slender tails and it produces purple cones.
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Picea engelmannii

The most common spruce to be found in the Rockies where it grows to 30m tall. It likes deep well drained soils.

Picea glauca

This is a form of the White Spruce, a very hardy species. It has a conical growth habit with branches that ascend at the tip.
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Picea mariana

This is a medium sized tree with dark blue green leaves which are densely packed on the upper surfaces of the branchlets.
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Picea meyeri

Decorative, mediumly fast growing Spruce with grey green needles, purple male catkins and copper brown cones. Rare in the wild, since subalpine forests are in decline. Wher commercially planted it's...
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Picea omorika

Serbian Spruce is a very adaptable spruce which quickly forms a tall slender tree with short drooping branches and dark green leaves.
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Picea orientalis

This is a large densely branched tree with branches and dark green leaves down to ground level. The young cones are 10cm long and purple.
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Picea pungens glauca

The glauca or blue leaved type of Colorado Spruce has leaves that tend to turn green with age; so those at the base of branches are green, resulting in an attractive variation of colour down the...
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Picea sitchensis

Sitka Spruce is probably one of the most important species of conifer from an economic viewpoint. It thrives on damp sites.
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Pinus aristata

Aristata is a large shrub or small tree with leaves in groups of 5 which are flecked with white resin, looking like dandruff. It has slender bristle like cones. Some specimens in the wild are over...
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