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Cupressus arizonica/glabra

This species is becoming common and is increasingly planted as a hedgerow. The grey-green leaves have the aroma of grapefruit when crushed.

Cupressus macrocarpa

This species is often cultivated in gardens as a hedging plant especially in North America. Macrocarpa can tolerate poor soils and dry conditions.

Ginkgo biloba

This is an ancient species of tree easily recognised by its unusual fan shaped leaves which develop a striking yellow colour in autumn.

Juniperus communis

Juniper produces the berry to flavour gin! A medium to large sized shrub with silver backed leaves and black berries.
from £1.95

Larix decidua

Larix Decidua is a fast growing deciduous conifer. It has a slender conical crown when young with drooping branches in older specimens.
from £1.50

Larix kaempferi

Japanese Larch is a vigorous, large tree with red shoots and sea green leaves which are longer and broader than those of European Larch.
from £0.99

Larix x eurolepis

Found in Dunkeld, Perthshire, in 1897. An intermediate between the parents (kaempferi x decidua) but with hybrid vigour. A deciduous conifer which gives good yellow autumn colour, contrasting well...

Libocedrus decurrens

This is a large tree that is resistant to honey fungus and can add height to a group of trees or shrubs. The dark green aromatic leaves are in dense fan like sprays.
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Metasequoia glyptostroboides

In this deciduous conifer the leaves turn tawny pink and old gold in autumn. It is not suited to northern latitudes but is pollution tolerant.
from £1.99

Picea abies

Norway Spruce is the traditional and most widely grown Christmas tree.
from £1.25
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