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Abies nobilis / procera

A beautiful tree noted for its blue-green leaves that is often used in floristry as well as for Christmas trees.
from £1.25

Abies nordmanniana

A species of fir of great ornamental value and much valued in Christmas tree production for its dense foliage.

Araucaria araucana

The monkey puzzle is unique in its appearance and so is much sought after. It is protected in its native areas. This has now been christened 'The Marmite tree' - you either love it or....not
from £5.00

Cedrus atlantica

The Atlas Cedar is one of the most planted of the decorative conifers. Its long grey-green leaves cover the branches thickly. Branches become horizontal with age.
from £2.25

Cedrus deodara

A tree with a pendulous growth habit whose leaves have a bluish bloom when young. It has long leaves up to 5cm long.

Cedrus libani

A wide spreading cedar, flat topped, whose characteristic growth habit forms a tiered arrangement. Cedar of Lebanon has many historical associations.
from £3.50

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

A large conical tree which is a useful ornamental and makes an excellent hedge or screen even in exposed situations.
from £2.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa

A large conical tree with horizontally spreading branches with leaves that are a deep shiny green.
from £0.99

Cryptomeria japonica

This large, fast growing, basically columnar tree is easily cultivated and thrives in most soils.

Cupressus arizonica/glabra

This species is becoming common and is increasingly planted as a hedgerow. The grey-green leaves have the aroma of grapefruit when crushed.
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