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Mountain Pine

A large shrub with dark green needles set in pairs, Mountain Pine succeeds on all soils including chalk and limestone.
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Mountain Pine (Pumilio)

A dwarf form of the Mountain Pine that often grows prostrate but can reach 2m in height.
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Mountain Pine (Rostrata)

A small dense bushy Mountain Pine, slow growing and suited to all soil conditions. It can be kept to as low as 1m high over 10 years.
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Nikko Fir

An uncommon, well shaped ornamental fir, not too wide-spreading when young. Pinkish pale grey bark. Dense, dark green shiny needles, white underneath, and dark blue cones.

Noble Fir

A beautiful tree noted for its blue-green leaves that is often used in floristry as well as for Christmas trees.
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Nordmann/Caucasian Fir

A species of fir of great ornamental value and much valued in Christmas tree production for its dense foliage.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce is the traditional and most widely grown Christmas tree.
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Oriental Spruce

This is a large densely branched tree with branches and dark green leaves down to ground level. The young cones are 10cm long and purple.
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Pacific Silver Fir

This is a native of north-west America but in Europe it is grown as an ornamental tree. Amabalis means beautiful and it can resemble Abies nordmanniana.

Red Fir

This tree forms the great forests of the Sierra Nevada of California. It has long blue-green needles with purple cones of up to 20 cm long.
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