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Korean Fir

A small, very neat tree with leaves that are 1 to 2 cm long. It produces prominent violet or purple cones about 5 to 8 cm long.
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Lawson Cypress

A large conical tree which is a useful ornamental and makes an excellent hedge or screen even in exposed situations.

Lodgepole / Beach Pine

Lodgepole Pine is a medium sized tree with short branches and paired yellowish green leaves. The cones appear in clusters and the tree is often grown in coastal areas.
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Longleaf Pine

Longleaf Pine is an evergreen tree with feathery needles which tend to be tufted at the branch tips. It does not develop a trunk for the first 5 years.
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Macedonian Pine

A particularly ornamental pine with horizontal branches at ground level which become vertical in the crown. It has a narrow pyramidical growth habit which suits it to confined spaces.
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Maidenhair Tree

This is an ancient species of tree easily recognised by its unusual fan shaped leaves which develop a striking yellow colour in autumn.

Meyer's Spruce

Decorative, mediumly fast growing Spruce with grey green needles, purple male catkins and copper brown cones. Rare in the wild, since subalpine forests are in decline. Wher commercially planted it's...
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Monkey Puzzle / Chile Pine

The monkey puzzle is unique in its appearance and so is much sought after. It is protected in its native areas. This has now been christened 'The Marmite tree' - you either love it or....not
from £5.00

Monterey Cypress

This species is often cultivated in gardens as a hedging plant especially in North America. Macrocarpa can tolerate poor soils and dry conditions.

Monterey Pine

Monterey Pine is the most widely planted pine in the world. It is extremely important for timber production.
from £3.00
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