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Incense Cedar

This is a large tree that is resistant to honey fungus and can add height to a group of trees or shrubs. The dark green aromatic leaves are in dense fan like sprays.
from £1.50

Jack Pine

This is an extremely hardy tree undervalued as a landscape tree. It is sometimes used for Christmas tree production in the USA.
from £1.25

Japanese Black Pine

A distinctive, splendid large tree with twisted branches. It has rigid twisted needles up to 18cm long and is an important timber tree in its native Japan.

Japanese Cedar

This large, fast growing, basically columnar tree is easily cultivated and thrives in most soils.

Japanese Larch

Japanese Larch is a vigorous, large tree with red shoots and sea green leaves which are longer and broader than those of European Larch.
from £0.99

Japanese Red Pine

This is a large tree with paired leaves that are up to 12cm long and twisted. It requires a lime free soil.

Japanese Stone Pine

A beautiful low growing hardy shrub like tree native to north-east Asia including Japan. The female cones are purplish when young turning to a reddy brown at maturity.

Japanese White Pine

A small to medium sized tree, conical when young, becoming flat topped when mature. The curved 5cm long leaves are blue-green with blue-white inner surfaces.
from £3.99

Jeffrey Pine

Jeffrey pine is an imposing tree with a conical crown and matt bluish green leaves that are up to 20cm long and spiny.
from £2.00


Juniper produces the berry to flavour gin! A medium to large sized shrub with silver backed leaves and black berries.
from £1.95
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