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Deodar Cedar

A tree with a pendulous growth habit whose leaves have a bluish bloom when young. It has long leaves up to 5cm long.

Douglas Fir

The king of the Pacific coast forests. It is a fast growing, large tree with down swept branches in mature specimens. An important import to Europe for timber production.
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Dunkeld Larch

Found in Dunkeld, Perthshire, in 1897. An intermediate between the parents (kaempferi x decidua) but with hybrid vigour. A deciduous conifer which gives good yellow autumn colour, contrasting well...

Dwarf Mountain Pine

Also known as Pinus mugo uncinata or P. mugo rotundata, some confusion exists about this Mountain Pine! Found infrequently on high wet moors and survives in frost pockets. Grows to a wide pyramid with...
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Engelmann Spruce

The most common spruce to be found in the Rockies where it grows to 30m tall. It likes deep well drained soils.

European Larch

Larix Decidua is a fast growing deciduous conifer. It has a slender conical crown when young with drooping branches in older specimens.
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European Silver Fir

The European Silver Fir is common in the mountains of France, Germany and Switzerland but is not suitable for the domestic garden.

Fraser Fir

This tree is often cultivated as a Christmas tree in the USA since it is scented and has non-drop needles; it is slow growing when young taking 10 years to reach 2.5 to 3m.
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Giant Fir

An extremely fast growing tree whose leaves are very aromatic when crushed. It loves high rainfall areas like its native habitat in north-west America.

Hinoki Cypress

A large conical tree with horizontally spreading branches with leaves that are a deep shiny green.
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