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Bristlecone Pine

Aristata is a large shrub or small tree with leaves in groups of 5 which are flecked with white resin, looking like dandruff. It has slender bristle like cones. Some specimens in the wild are over...

Californian Redwood

The Californian Redwood can reach over 100m tall in its native forests but mature specimens in gardens reach 30m. As well as being the worlds tallest it is also long lived with records of trees well...
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Cedar of Lebanon

A wide spreading cedar, flat topped, whose characteristic growth habit forms a tiered arrangement. Cedar of Lebanon has many historical associations.
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Chinese Arborvitae

A small slow growing tree that is often grown as an ornamental. In its native China it is associated with long life and vitality - hence its name of Chinese Arborvitae or Tree of Life. Foliage fronds...

Colorado Spruce

The glauca or blue leaved type of Colorado Spruce has leaves that tend to turn green with age; so those at the base of branches are green, resulting in an attractive variation of colour down the...
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Colorado White Fir

This widely grown conifer has leaves up to 6cm long. It is a beautiful large tree with grey bark and long cylindrical cones.
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Common / English Yew

A small to medium sized tree with a bright red aril, which contrasts superbly with the dark green foliage. Yew is tolerant of most soils and is often found on chalk formations in the wild.

Corkbark Fir

A small very ornamental tree which is relatively rare in its native area. It has attractive blue-green needles.
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Corsican Pine

Nigra species are especially suited as windbreaks with corsicana preferring well drained soils and it can also tolerate coastal conditions.
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Dawn Redwood

In this deciduous conifer the leaves turn tawny pink and old gold in autumn. It is not suited to northern latitudes but is pollution tolerant.
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