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Liquidambar styraciflua

This large deciduous tree has shining green maple like leaves that turn a fantastic orange, red and purple in autumn. The young shoots have distinctive corky ridges. A fine specimen or woodland tree.
from £1.50

Malus sylvestris

A small tree growing to 8m tall with white flowers that may be tinged with pink when they appear in late spring. The fruits grow to 2.5cm across in the autumn and are sour to eat but make a delicious...
from £1.25

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

In this deciduous conifer the leaves turn tawny pink and old gold in autumn. It is not suited to northern latitudes but is pollution tolerant.
from £1.99

Pinus cembra

A small slow growing tree with an almost columnar habit and purple / blue cones. The densely arranged dark blue green needles are blue-white on the inner surface. Resistant to white pine blister rust...
from £5.00

Pinus thunbergii

A distinctive, splendid large tree with twisted branches. It has rigid twisted needles up to 18cm long and is an important timber tree in its native Japan.

Prunus avium

A medium sized tree, with bark that turns mahogany red and peels with age. The white cup shaped flowers give a magnificent display in mid to late spring. The fruits are small and red to purple,...
from £1.40

Prunus mahaleb

A small deciduous tree covered in small white flowers in spring followed by the dark coloured edible fruit in early summer. The wood has an outstanding grain which is used for pipes and walking...

Prunus padus

A small, widely distributed deciduous tree. It bears an abundance of small white almond scented single flowers in late spring. Its small black fruits are edible but very bitter.

Prunus serotina

A medium sized tree with simple serrated leaves up to 15cm long. About 40 white flowers are produced on each raceme in the spring which give rise to the fruit which turn from green to red and then...

Pyracantha coccinea

A large evergreen shrub that is valued for its outstanding display of red autumn berries. These are produced from the white flowers that appear in spring. Its dark green leaves are augmented by sharp...
from £1.25
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