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Chamaecyparis obtusa

A large conical tree with horizontally spreading branches with leaves that are a deep shiny green.
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Cotoneaster divaricatus

A medium sized deciduous shrub with a most reliable foliage and fruiting habit. The berries which arise from rosy red flowers are themselves a deep ruby red colour.

Cotoneaster horizontalis

Horizontalis is an attractive shrub with a ferny branching habit and a profusion of bright red berries. It is ideal as a wall shrub and in shaded areas.
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Cotoneaster horizontalis

A low growing deciduous shrub with herringbone patterned branches. It bears bright red fruits in autumn together with a richly coloured foliage.
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Cotoneaster microphyllus

A dwarf evergreen shrub with elliptic leaves that are usually less than 1cm long. Tiny white flowers give way to small deep red berries in autumn. Its habit is to grow in a low mound.

Cotoneaster salicifolius

A tall evergreen shrub bearing very heavy crops of red fruits in autumn formed from its white flowers. It is however very susceptible to fire blight.

Crataegus monogyna

This is not just a hedging plant but is also a small tree with spectacular white flowers in May and autumnal red berries.
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Crataegus monogyna

A British native hedging plant. It produces a spectacular profusion of flowers in late spring that give rise to red fruits (haws) in the autumn. Hawthorn can make a large shrub or a small tree.

Cryptomeria japonica

This large, fast growing, basically columnar tree is easily cultivated and thrives in most soils.

Euonymus europaeus

A vigorous deciduous shrub which gives an outstandingly brilliant autumn display of red seed capsules which open to reveal bright orange seeds. It grows especially well on chalky soils and its wood...
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