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Abies alba

The European Silver Fir is common in the mountains of France, Germany and Switzerland but is not suitable for the domestic garden.

Abies concolor

This widely grown conifer has leaves up to 6cm long. It is a beautiful large tree with grey bark and long cylindrical cones.
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Abies koreana

A small, very neat tree with leaves that are 1 to 2 cm long. It produces prominent violet or purple cones about 5 to 8 cm long.
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Abies lasiocarpa

A small very ornamental tree which is relatively rare in its native area. It has attractive blue-green needles.
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Acer buergerianum

A Japanese style maple with three lobed bright green leaves with yellow undersides. Superb red, orange and yellow autumn tints. Perfect for bonsai, though used in Japan as street trees. Peeling bark...
from £1.50

Acer campestre

A pretty, medium sized deciduous tree often seen forming parts of hedgerows. The leaves turn bright yellow in autumn and may be flushed red.

Acer ginnala

A deciduous shrub or small tree with a vigorous spreading growth habit. The 3 lobed leaves turn crimson and orange in winter. It produces fragrant white flowers in late spring.

Acer palmatum

Noted for its beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange or yellow, Japanese Maple has lobed, deeply cut leaves. In the summer the leaves of this small tree are bright green.
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Acer palmatum (dissectum)

The Japanese Maple is a small tree with delicate 5 or 7 lobed bright green leaves which turn a beautiful red colour in autumn.
from £3.50

Acer palmatum atropurpureum

This is the most popularly grown of the Japanese Maples and the leaves are a bronze-crimson colour throughout the summer before turning brilliant red in the autumn.
from £3.75
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