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Japanese Larch

Japanese Larch is a vigorous, large tree with red shoots and sea green leaves which are longer and broader than those of European Larch.
from £0.99

Japanese Maple

Noted for its beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange or yellow, Japanese Maple has lobed, deeply cut leaves. In the summer the leaves of this small tree are bright green.
from £2.50

Japanese Maple (purple dissect leaved)

A slow growing small tree/shrub with broad arching habit (sometimes looks like a large purple mushroom). Very fine purple-bronze leaves colour to orange in autumn. Excellent in small gardens
from £3.50

Japanese Maple (purple leaved)

This is the most popularly grown of the Japanese Maples and the leaves are a bronze-crimson colour throughout the summer before turning brilliant red in the autumn.
from £3.75

Japanese Maple var. dissectum

The Japanese Maple is a small tree with delicate 5 or 7 lobed bright green leaves which turn a beautiful red colour in autumn.
from £3.50

Japanese Quince

A small, low growing, thorny shrub with bright orangey red flowers which appear in early spring. These develop into rounded yellow fruits in the autumn. This deciduous shrub has small oval mid green...

Japanese Zelkova

A medium sized graceful wide spreading tree with a round crown and smooth grey bark. The slender oval leaves are up to 12cm long and have slender pointed teeth. In autumn they turn a bronze red.
from £1.25

Killarney Strawberry Tree

A small evergreen tree with deep brown bark which sheds. Its red fruits and white flowers are produced simultaneously in the autumn. Lime tolerant and hardy, this little tree can withstand gales and...
from £1.50

Korean Fir

A small, very neat tree with leaves that are 1 to 2 cm long. It produces prominent violet or purple cones about 5 to 8 cm long.
from £1.50

Lawson Cypress

A large conical tree which is a useful ornamental and makes an excellent hedge or screen even in exposed situations.
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