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Chinese Wisteria

Probably the most noble of climbers. The leaves are made up of 9 to 13 oblong leaflets. The mauve or deep lilac flowers are borne before the leaves in spring and are produced on racemes up to 30cm...
from £4.00

Colorado White Fir

This widely grown conifer has leaves up to 6cm long. It is a beautiful large tree with grey bark and long cylindrical cones.
from £1.50

Common / English Yew

A small to medium sized tree with a bright red aril, which contrasts superbly with the dark green foliage. Yew is tolerant of most soils and is often found on chalk formations in the wild.

Copper Beech

An outstandingly beautiful tree. This deep purple leaved form of beech is usually grown from seed. The purple plants are then selected from the 50% odd that show the purple form. It is superb hedging...

Corkbark Fir

A small very ornamental tree which is relatively rare in its native area. It has attractive blue-green needles.
from £1.25

Crab Apple

A small tree growing to 8m tall with white flowers that may be tinged with pink when they appear in late spring. The fruits grow to 2.5cm across in the autumn and are sour to eat but make a delicious...
from £1.25

Dawn Redwood

In this deciduous conifer the leaves turn tawny pink and old gold in autumn. It is not suited to northern latitudes but is pollution tolerant.
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Deodar Cedar

A tree with a pendulous growth habit whose leaves have a bluish bloom when young. It has long leaves up to 5cm long.

European Larch

Larix Decidua is a fast growing deciduous conifer. It has a slender conical crown when young with drooping branches in older specimens.
from £1.50

European Silver Fir

The European Silver Fir is common in the mountains of France, Germany and Switzerland but is not suitable for the domestic garden.
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