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Rhinanthus minor

Yellow flowers in May, on plants ranging from 10-60cm tall. A good source of nectar. One of the useful tools for establishing a wildflower area

Sanguisorba officinalis

Tight round globes of purple-red flowers on waving stems in summer and autumn, over divided, soft green leaves.

Scabiosa columbaria

A rich nectar flower for bees and butterflies. Highly decorative purple/blue pincushion flowers in masses during summer.

Silene dioica

Masses of rose-pink five petalled flowers produced late spring to autumn and sometimes beyond.

Silene latifolia alba

Startling white flowers, late spring and early summer. Up to 80cm

Silene noctiflora

Luminous white flowers open in the evening on fine waving stems. Flowers June to Sept.

Silene uniflora(maritima)

Masses of white Campion flowers in late spring and early summer. Attractive pale grey green foliage

Stachys officinalis

Reddish-purple flowers on 50cm spikes appearing June to Sept.

Stellaria holostea

Almost luminous white flowers in spring on long thin leaves. Tends to creep through other plants

Succisa pratensis

A perennial of damp places. Blue flowers from summer to autumn, usually covered with bees
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