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Leucanthemum vulgare

Cheerful early summer flowers, oversize daisies, white with yellow centres.

Linaria vulgaris

Long-lasting, yelllow, snap-dragon-like flowers

Lunaria annua alba

A tall biennial, in its second year produces almost luminous white flowers in tall spikes followed by translucent round, flat, decorative seed pods.

Lychnis flos-cuculi/Silene flos-cuculi

Elegant, frothy pink flowers in late spring. Widespread but no longer common.

Lythrum salicaria

Masses of bright purple flowers spikes from July to Sept.

Malva moschata

Large but delicate rose-pink flowers summer to autumn. Looks like a cultivated plant, not a wild native!
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Meconopsis cambrica

Tissue-like orange and yellow poppies in early summer, not just in Wales

Melilotus officianalis

An annual or biennial of rough, poor places. Tall growing and messy! Beloved of bees and hoverflies

Mentha aquatica

Pink-lilac flowers in late summer. Superb mint fragrance

Narcissus pseudonarcissus/lobularis

This harbinger of spring needs no introduction. Dancing two tone yellow flowers brave the worst spring weather.
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