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Statuesque biennial with pink/purple thistle-like flowers


Long-lasting, yelllow, snap-dragon-like flowers

Water Avens

Nodding odd coloured flowers on wiry stems. Often described as a secretive plant, locally quite common, but not countrywide.

Welsh Poppy

Tissue-like orange and yellow poppies in early summer, not just in Wales

White and variegated Honesty

A tall biennial, in its second year produces almost luminous white flowers in tall spikes followed by translucent round, flat, decorative seed pods.

White Campion

Startling white flowers, late spring and early summer. Up to 80cm

Wild Basil

Pink flowers in whorls up robust stems in summer and early autumn

Wild Daffodil

This harbinger of spring needs no introduction. Dancing two tone yellow flowers brave the worst spring weather.

Wild Garlic/ Ramsons

Often found with Bluebells in woods and damp shady spots. Strappy leaves and heads of white starry flowers in May. En-masse they have quite a strong smell, but are actually mildly flavoured. A...

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Wild Marjoram

Low growing shrubby perennial with pale lilac pink flowers July to September, beloved of bees and butterflies.
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