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Slender spikes of small yellow flowers appear from June. Common on edgelands and waysides

Bats in the Belfry/Nettleleaved Bellflower

Hairy stems with mid-blue bell flowers blooming up them from Jun-Sept


Reddish-purple flowers on 50cm spikes appearing June to Sept.


A small deciduous shrub that is in flower from May to June and the seeds in the form of tiny berries ripen from July to September. It is noted for attracting wildlife and there is a particular bee...
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Nodding heads of flowers above glossy strap leaves in May. They will grow reasonably in most conditions except the hottest and driest.


Early spring, bright yellow flowers on scaly robust stems followed later by the leaves

Common Knapweed

Also known as Hardheads. Purple thistle-like flowers in May June followed by hard slightly prickly seed-heads. The plant itself has no prickles.

Common Reed

The reed used to filter polluted water

Corn Chamomile

Daisy flowers, slightly scented, from summer to early autumn

Corn Marigold

Cheerful, bright yellow daisies growing just less than a metre tall.
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