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Alder Cones

Decorative, black, dried cones

Christmas Tree Seed Packet

1gm (approx. 14 seeds) of Abies nordmanniana, Non-Drop Christmas Tree seed, with sparkly bits too! A very different Stocking Filler! Full sowing instructions given.

Douglas Fir Cone

Rich Copper Brown with resinous scent. 7cm long on average

Douglas Fir Cone

Copper brown, clean, dry cones.

Fine Grade Vermiculite

A naturally occurring mica-like mineral

Meadow in a Bag

25gm of seed harvested from Shropshire Meadows. A wildflower rich mix containing approx. 90% perennial wildflower and 10% fine grass seed. Presented in a small hessian gift bag with tie on label....

Meadow in a Bag

A small hessian bag containing seed enough for 10-12sq. metres of traditional meadow.

Party Boxes/Wedding Favours

A lovely small gift to go in a Party Bag or given as Wedding Favours

school pack

A useful educational kit, relevant to many parts of the curriculum

Scots Pine Cones

Popularly used in Christmas wreaths, swags and decorations, craft work and pot-pourri. 3-6cm diameter cones, clean and dry.
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