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Carpinus betulus

Hornbeam is a native deciduous tree with silver-grey thin bark and serrated ribbed leaves which become bright yellow in the autumn. It is ideal for hedging.
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Carpinus betulus

A medium sized tree with a grey fluted trunk and toothed green leaves that are an outstanding yellow colour in the autumn. The green catkins in spring give rise to the small winged nuts in the autumn.

Castanea sativa

A large, beautiful, quick growing tree. It is often found in parkland as a specimen tree with a smooth grey bark and long dark green toothed leaves which contrast with the long, yellowish spring...
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Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

A large conical tree which is a useful ornamental and makes an excellent hedge or screen even in exposed situations.

Cornus mas

A large shrub or small densely branched tree that produces a profusion of small yellow flowers on its twigs in late winter which result in red cherry like fruits. The leaves turn reddish purple in...
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Cornus sanguinea

A bush with greenish red flushed stems which are dark red in winter. It has rich purple autumn colouring with black bitter tasting berries.
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Cornus sanguinea

A deciduous shrub with red flushed stems that give colour in winter. The leaves give a rich purple autumn colour.

Corylus avellana

A large shrub or small multiple stemmed tree that produces delicate, yellow, long female catkins called lambs tails in late winter and is used in large gardens as a shrub for screening. It produces...

Cotoneaster divaricatus

A medium sized deciduous shrub with a most reliable foliage and fruiting habit. The berries which arise from rosy red flowers are themselves a deep ruby red colour.

Cotoneaster franchetii

A popular semi-evergreen shrub that is graceful and medium sized with sage green foliage. The white flowers blushed with pink give rise to ovoid scarlet-orange fruits.
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