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Picea abies

Norway Spruce is the traditional and most widely grown Christmas tree.
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Picea glauca

This is a form of the White Spruce, a very hardy species. It has a conical growth habit with branches that ascend at the tip.
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Picea mariana

This is a medium sized tree with dark blue green leaves which are densely packed on the upper surfaces of the branchlets.
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Picea omorika

Serbian Spruce is a very adaptable spruce which quickly forms a tall slender tree with short drooping branches and dark green leaves.
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Picea pungens glauca

The glauca or blue leaved type of Colorado Spruce has leaves that tend to turn green with age; so those at the base of branches are green, resulting in an attractive variation of colour down the...
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Pinus contorta

Lodgepole Pine is a medium sized tree with short branches and paired yellowish green leaves. The cones appear in clusters and the tree is often grown in coastal areas.
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Pinus nigra austriaca

A commonly planted evergreen conifer with a dense head of large branches. The best suited of all the pines to chalky or lime rich soils.

Pinus nigra corsicana

Nigra species are especially suited as windbreaks with corsicana preferring well drained soils and it can also tolerate coastal conditions.
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Pinus ponderosa

A large striking tree with a scaly cinnamon bark and drooping branches. Planted as an ornamental tree in large gardens as well as for timber production in its native western North America.
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Pinus strobus

Strobus is planted in gardens and parks as a specimen tree. It has very short dark green needles bearing slender brown cones up to 15cm long.
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